How can it be so easy to make great images?

How? By harnessing the power of the community.

effect choices
A page of effect choices

In Smart Photo Editor, you have access to thousands of effects that other users have created. You can quickly find effects that will work on your picture, and customise them exactly how you want. You are always in full control, but without the need to spend hours painstakingly building new effects from scratch.

For examples of what you can do in just a few minutes with Smart Photo Editor, check out the gallery.

How does Smart Photo Editor work?

At the heart of Smart Photo Editor are 'effects' - individual changes to a photo. These range from making basic tweaks, to completely transforming your photo.

search effect
Effects search box

Smart Photo Editor intelligently helps you find great effects for your photo out of the thousands of effects there. If you know what you are looking for, you can search for it directly. If you want ideas for your photo, Smart Photo Editor suggests them based on what's in your photo.

For example, let's say your photo has the sky in it. You can easily select the sky, and then Smart Photo Editor will show you effects that are designed to improve the sky in photos.

tweak effects
Customize your chosen effect

Once you have found an effect you like, you have full control over customising it exactly how you want. You can experiment with slider controls for the effect, you can change which part of your photo the effect is applied to, and more.

On top of all this are all the manual fixes you might need for your photo, like basic tone sliders and object removal.

Smart Photo Editor has everything you need to make your photos look fantastic!

What makes Smart Photo Editor special?

Ease of use


Smart Photo Editor does not require any special skills to use. There is no need to spend months learning how to use the software. Anyone can use Smart Photo Editor, and get great results quickly.



Smart Photo Editor takes minutes, not hours. Even for expert users of other software, Smart Photo Editor represents a far quicker way to get equivalent results.

The community


Smart Photo Editor gives you access to the best work of photo editing experts around the world. By buying Smart Photo Editor, you will be part of a dynamic community, constantly developing new ways to make photos amazing.



Smart Photo Editor does not compromise on the quality of results that can be achieved. For such a simple program to use, Smart Photo Editor is still extremely powerful, and incorporates cutting edge advances in imaging technology from some of the world's best developers.

Value for money


We believe that anyone should be able to make their photos look great, and so Smart Photo Editor is priced far below other software packages in the industry. This is the same approach we take with Portrait Professional, our portrait enhancing software, which is now the most successful in the world.

Don't be fooled into thinking that our low price means the software is low quality – get the free trial and see for yourself what Smart Photo Editor can do for your own photos.